About me

A selfie of me in front of a computer

Me doing stuff

Who's this guy ?

Well, that's me, João Henrique also known as Jenryk. I'm a web-developer located in Brazil, whose focus is on front-end development.

I really like creating stuff on my spare time and geek culture as well.

Work experience

I've been professionaly working with software development for 2 years.

For most of that time I worked on different kinds of applications for different clients. I was able to get this kind of experience by working at a software house.

My siamese cat sitting on a box

A random pic of my cat

A photo of my cat with her big eyes looking into the camera

Another one


Since I was a kid I played with a lot of different technologies but my current main skills are: Front-end development using NextJS for SSR or React, Mobile app development using React Native and CLI tools development using Golang

But I'm always learning, I like being an early adopter in promising tech. Currently I'm digging my teeth on Astro, Bun and Tamagui. Feel free to take a look into my projects page to see what I've been working on.