Olá 世界, Hello Mundo


Published on 03/09/2023

Picture of an old tv with Every blog has its first post, this is that post.

Olá 世界, Hello Mundo

Hi internet traveller, I’m João Henrique (also known as Jenryk on the cyberworld) and this is my first post.

Why create a blog

I dunno ¯\(ツ)

I mean, I don’t really have anything that a deem worth of sharing with the world right now. But it just feels wrong to be a web developer and never have deployed a functional blog to the internet.

Since I wanted to understand how it works and what technologies are involved I decided to build one on my own. And here I am.

How did I do it

Well, I’ve researched about it and saw that SSG is probably the best approach for this type of content.

I could’ve gone with Jekyll or Hugo but being someone attracted to shiny new things I chose Astro as my main tool.

I think it was a good decision since the first docs tutorial is about building a blog (which I’m using to kickstart this one).

What now

Well, I guess stylizing and making this little space of the internet feel more like me.

I love strange looking but stylish visuals so I want to bring some of that to this website and see how it goes (since I’m not a designer It probably won’t go well but).

I also want to add some interactive aspects and maybe some easter eggs here and there.

Being able to do just about anything is exactly what makes programming fun in the first place, so keep checking from time to time to see what I came up with.